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CEO of Stockholm Comedy Club, one of Scandinavia’s largest standup comedy establishments.


Teaching Business, Entrepereurship and Creativity at Axelsons in Stockholm. Keynote Speaking and one-on-one coaching on Creativity in Business.


Co-Founder of Creativity House Podcast. Broadcasting weekly (currently in Swedish) together with Åsa Wallenrud.


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projects follow my work!

Here are some projects that I am involved in on a daily basis. Welcome to my professional world.

services here are some things I can help you with

It all comes down to innovative thinking, high quality and going the extra mile.

business development.

Idea generating and problem solving within Marketing, Sales and Business Strategy.

keynote speaking.

I am happy to inspire your staff by giving a talk on Creativity and Business.


Teaching future professionals on how to sell their products and services.

one-on-one coaching.

One-on-One coaching on Creativity and Business Development. I call it “What’s Your Case”

speaker development.

I will help you take the stage and become a confident public speaker. Both for groups and individuals.

hosting a stage.

Among other projects, I have hosted “Allt För Hälsan”, the largest health and wellness fair in Scandinavia 2012-2016.

journal step into my world

Thoughts and ideas from Stockholm Comedy Club, a sneak peek into my other projects and things and people I get inspired by.

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Finland turns 100 and noone cares. Huge waste of opportunity!
author: magdalena. November 19, 2017.
Title Up.
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Meeting Kim Kiyosaki
author: magdalena. October 25, 2017.
Why an Entrepreneur needs a high activity level dog.

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